Bibliographic tools


Zotero - a Free Online Research Tool


Zotero is an easy-to-use yet powerful research tool that helps you gather, organize, and analyse sources (citations, full texts, web pages, images, and other objects), and lets you share the results of your research in a variety of ways. An extension to the popular open-source web browser Firefox, Zotero includes the best parts of older reference manager software (like EndNote)—the ability to store author, title, and publication fields and to export that information as formatted references—and the best parts of modern software and web applications (like iTunes and, such as the ability to interact, tag, and search in advanced ways. Read more here>>








Mendeley is a free online tool that allows you to create reference lists and organise documents in collections (folders), which can be shared with other researchers. It also suggests you new references based on the topics you are interested in.